Baseus Gold Collar lanyard Data Cable USB For Lightning 2.4A 85cm Pop Black (CALJL-BP1)

Baseus Gold Collar lanyard Data Cable USB For Lightning 2.4A 85cm Pop Black (CALJL-BP1)

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Baseus 3in1 colar +USB cabel/ Lightning 2.4A

Do you like modern technologies and practical gadgets? Are you looking for electronical devices that can

combine many useful functions that are indispensable in every day use? See how the multifunctional

collar works and what it offers, letting you acomplish three tasks:

  1. Charge your phone
  2. Send the data
  3. Let’s you hang your keys, smartphone, camera or ID card

Baseus Gold Collar Series Data Cable USB is an incredibely useful, designer itemof every day use, that

will make your work more effective.


  • Material: zinc alloy and braided material
  • Connector type in the wire: USB, Lightning
  • Lenght: 85cm
  • Working current: 2.4A
  • Data transission speed: 480Mbps, sending 1GB data takes 24 seconds

Easy and safe way to buckle up your smartphone

During a lunch break or a buisness meeting, always have your smartphone around. Place it in a

comfortable collar and hang around your neck or on your wtist. You can use the long collar (52cm) and

cable (85cm).

How to use?

  • Press the buckle lightly.
  • Pull the data cable out.
  • Separate the two ends.
  • Plug your phone and start charging.

Triple functional cable

You can use this cable in three ways — for storaging and sending data, charging your smartphone and

wearing around your neck or on your wrist. Have the most useful gadgets around you and when you

travel, use them without the need of searching your backpack or your bag for it. Easiness of use and fast

function switcing makes it an incredibly practical gadget of every day use and at work.

This ultralight and stylish addition of a smartphone has just been appreciated by the market specialists and

awarder the German iP Award 2019.

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